2019 Home Decor Trends Guaranteed to Inspire You

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Interior Design Show in Toronto, Canada – this is one of the not to be missed shows for designers and decorators from around the world. A wide range of product companies descend on Toronto to showcase new products and discuss trends and new developments. It is exciting, interesting and at times overwhelming and I love sharing what is trending in home design and decor.

While I strolled the trade floor and chatted with the company reps, I noticed a number of trends that will be informing design and decor in the coming months and years ahead. I want to share these trends to inspire you as you contemplate spring updates to your abode. Read on!

Vertical Tile Alignment

Who knew switching up the tile orientation could add so much to your space?! Turning rectangular tile to a vertical orientation works to ‘lift’ your space and make the ceilings appear higher. I saw this not only on back splash installs but on fireplace walls where larger tiles were set on the vertical as well. What a fantastic and simple way to make a space appear more spacious and give it that unexpected visual touch!

Photo Courtesy of Bernhard Hermant, Unsplash

Photo Courtesy of Bernhard Hermant, Unsplash


Now, before you go running in the opposite direction, I want to tell you that while the ‘new’ pastels are still soft they are also much richer and deeper in tone. Representing harmony, nature and freshness, pastels add calm to your spaces and bring a sense of ‘soulfulness’ to rooms. I also love the palettes that bring together pastel colours in new and unexpected ways.

Richer Fabrics and Trims

I am loving the return of richer fabrics such as silks, satins and velvets. These fabrics bring beautiful texture and dimension to a room and just call out for you to touch! While these fabrics are very elegant and sophisticated, they can also be casual and cozy with the addition of embellishments such as a trim, fringe or buttons.

Try combining these materials with a more earthy fabric such as burlap, cotton, linen or jute for a rich but soulful look and feel – think velvet pillows on a leather sofa or chair, linen pillows on a velvet sofa or burlap pillows on a cotton twill chair. These unexpected combinations will bring sophisticated casualness to your spaces and invite guests to relax and unwind.

Photo courtesy of Alisia Kazantceva, Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Alisia Kazantceva, Unsplash

Photos courtesy of (left to right): Christopher Jolly and Fan Lyu, Unsplash

Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes are not going away any time soon. I am loving the variety of colours available and use of textures such as brushed and geometric in the finishes. With the options of buttery brass, warm copper, brushed nickel and other not seen before metallic colours (blue, red, pink, green, etc.), there truly are options for every style and taste. Look for metallic finishes as table legs and bases, chair frames, decor items, cabinet and drawer pulls and mirror frames just to name a few.

Photos courtesy of (left to right): Simply Swank Decor, Pantone (https://www.pantone.com/) and SFH (https://www.shaynefoxhardware.com/)

Including 1 or more of these trends in your home updates this spring is an easy way to freshen spaces and make your rooms look stylish, comfortable with a touch of elegance. The result will be spaces you love to entertain and relax in and excited to show off.

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