Get Ready for Summer!

Andrew Richard Designs (

I had the pleasure of finding the Andrew Richard Designs oasis at IDS16. What drew my attention initially was the beautifully designed booth which exuded summertime relaxation and socialization. The booth showcased the range of their designs and accessories and was at once casual and sophisticated. Besides the fantastic designs, there were two things that really stood out about Andrew Richard Designs: materials and customization.


Catering to both residential and commercial requirements, Andrew Richard Designs use quality materials such as woven Solartex, which contains high-density polyethylene, reinforced with fine PVC fibers that bring to mind the look and feel of wicker. This trademarked material can withstand sun, salt, acid rain, pollution and extreme temperatures, and won’t fade, crack, or split – ideal for outdoor requirements! It comes in a variety of weaves and colours so can be coordinated in outdoor rooms for a sophisticated and chic look.

High chair

The furniture frames are built with tubular and cast aluminum at a thickness of 2.5-3 mm (higher than the standard for residential applications). Aluminum is a weather resistant, rust-proof, non-corroding material and contributes to the strength, durability and comfort of the designs.

Aluminum frame lounging chair

The wood used in the handcrafted pieces is teak or reclaimed teak. Teak is a renewable eco-friendly wood and is incredibly oil rich material which protects it from extreme weather and reduces its tendency to crack or split. Teak is also resistant to rotting, moisture, and acid rain, and easily maintained with teak oil, making it ideal for every climate in Canada. The reclaimed teak is sourced from a variety of locations and further aging is stopped by treating and re-protecting the wood to stand the test of time in an outdoor environment.

Wooden table

Stainless steel is a sleek and stylish material and perfectly complements a contemporary outdoor room. Andrew Richard Designs use stainless steel for a number of their furniture and accessory designs. Stainless steel has a thin chromium oxide film that provides significant corrosion and rust resistance, making it both durable and reliable outdoors. In addition, stainless steel is not a significant conductor of heat so exposed frames do not become too hot in direct sun - no more burned legs!



Andrew Richard Designs offer custom made and designed outdoor furnishings - fantastic! This ranges from making a few minor changes to the dimension or design of one of their existing products, or starting from scratch to create a completely distinctive new collection perfectly tailored to the space, style and design, you desire. This really impressed me! We have such a short time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors during the summer; our spaces should be comfortable, unique and fit with our lifestyles.

With spring around the corner and summer fast approaching, start browsing the Andrew Richard Designs catalogue and plan to make your outdoor living experience exceptional!