5 Considerations For Choosing Paint Colour

When refreshing the décor in our homes a new paint colour is one of the easiest and most economical but can also be one of the most challenging and confusing decisions to make. To pull a look together the right tone, shade and hue can make all the difference. I know you are already overwhelmed but read on!

I bet like most people when it comes to colour you know the colours you like and seem to gravitate towards but when faced with the colour wall at your local home improvement store you freeze! Deer in the headlights! Overwhelmed with choices! Most men, my ever lovin’ included, see one shade of any colour (the men in the crowd are nodding) …. but believe me, there are countless options in every colour family!

color wheel.jpg

The following are 5 things to consider when refreshing the paint colour in your spaces:

1. What is the use of the room you are re-doing?

Different colours are associated with different activities to enhance, support and contribute to their maximum enjoyment. So, how is the room going to be used? Is it for dining, relaxation, socialization or creativity?


2. What direction does the room face?

Consider the direction the room faces and what time of day it will be used for its primary activity so you know how much light the space will get throughout the day. This will influence the depth of colour your choose.

Paint chip from Benjamin Moore

Paint chip from Benjamin Moore

The direction also influences the type of paint finish you should opt for. For example, a north facing room gets less natural light so semi-gloss or high gloss paint is the best option as it reflects light and makes the room appear brighter. A south facing room will get lots of natural light so a matte finish works well.

3. What furniture or cabinetry will be in the room?

If you have fav pieces you want to use in the room, what colour is the finish or upholstery? The colour of finish on wooden pieces can influence the adjacent colour on the walls making it look much different than the paint chip.

Are you budgeting for reupholstering and/or refinishing the pieces or buying all new furniture? If you are, it’s the perfect opportunity to match paint, fabric and finish.

Hutch Restyling 4.jpg

4. Are there colour go/no goes?

Is there a colour you love and always find yourself gravitating towards? Perhaps a different shade or hue of your go to colour would be a nice update or a warmer or cooler version of your fav would be a perfect change.

Are there ‘no go’ colours? If so, I recommend ruling them out right away; don’t waste time trying to make friends with these colours.

5. How often do you typically repaint/redecorate?

If the colour you are choosing is going to be changed out in a year or 2, you might be a bit more bold and experimental. If you are going to live with the colour for a few years, you may want to take more time selecting the colour and carefully consider your choice. If you are refreshing in preparation for the sale of your home, neutrals such as gray, cream, taupe or a rich shade of white are the best options as they will show your home in it’s best light.

I hope these considerations help ease your apprehension in selecting a paint colour the next time you find yourself standing in front of that intimidating wall of colour chips. With some consideration, selecting the perfect colour can be a fun and exciting venture and a way to express your personal style and taste.