5 Tips for Accessorizing Your Space

Hello my design and decor enthusiasts! I hope your week is going well and you have a home update project or two on your to do list. Over the past few weeks I have shared tips and tricks for updating your spaces in my blog posts about paint and colour. But what is next after the painting has been completed and you are ready to take the next steps in your space update? Accessorizing!

Decor accessorizing is one of my fave things about interior design and decor; it’s like a treasure hunt and I do like a good bargain, as well as the fun and challenge of using items for purposes other than their intended use. This week I share tips for accessorizing as the final touch to updating and refreshing your spaces. Read on for guidance!

1. Rule of Odds

When planning how many items to include in a display, remember that an odd number of objects is more visually interesting. Depending on the size of the space you are accessorizing or the size and shape of the decor accessories, you might use 3, 5 or even seven items but remember that an odd number brings balance to your displays.

2. Texture

Texture can be visual or tactile and when accessorizing, be sure to include both! Visual texture can be added by using items of varying shapes such as botanicals and florals. Tactile texture can be introduced with accessories that have texture you can feel such as velvet, burlap or linen pillows or decor items that are embossed or sculpted.

3. Colour

Accessorizing is where you get to play and have a bit fun. You can choose decor items in one or more of the colours in your palette which brings a sense of calm and cohesiveness to your space. Or select a contrasting colour to give the space additional depth and movement. For example, if your room is mostly shades of yellow and cream, accessories in green or red would add a real splash of colour and playfulness.

4. Scale

Using items of varying scale is another way to ensure you have ‘stand out’ displays. Using items of differing heights and widths provides more visual interest, depth and movement to vignettes and keeps your display interesting. Remember you want your eye to move over the display and appreciate all of the elements included.


5. Negative Space

While it may be tempting to place the items in your vignette close together so you can fit everything in, having negative space around the items is actually more attractive as it allows each of the items to be seen and provides depth to your display. Staggering items in the display assists with this as well and provides appealing perspective.


The joy of accessorizing your spaces is that items can easily be changed according to the seasons, occasions or holidays and items can also be moved around your home to refresh the look and feel of any room. Accessorizing is often experimental as you add, subtract and rearrange until you have the look you like and that fits with the vibe you are looking for. Most importantly have fun and enjoy mixing it up!

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