7 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Many people I talk to feel that hiring an Interior Designer is an indulgence they can ill afford. While it does add to the overall cost of a project, it’s not as expensive as you might think. When planning an update to your home, consider the following reasons you should hire an Interior Designer to work with you:

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1. Saves Money

While this sounds a bit counter intuitive, having the advice and input from an Interior Designer will save you money in the long run and help you avoid costly mistakes such as the wrong style and size of furniture, wrong colour of paint, poor layout, etc. (we’ve all seen the pics on the world wide web!). In fact most Interior Designers are far more reasonably priced than you may realize and when compared with a costly mistake, it’s a worthwhile expense!

2. Objective Assessment

We all become ‘house blind’ (yep! Me too!) and don’t really see our homes objectively. We live on with the quirks and worn and tired elements in our homes and develop work arounds for the broken and battered. An Interior Designer not only brings experience and expertise but a fresh set of eyes that can quickly assess what is possible in your space and how even simple updates can bring a fresh new look.

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3. Training and Expertise

Interior Designers have education, knowledge and experience and typically belong to professional associations that require ongoing education to maintain their certification and designations. This keeps them updated on new materials, finishes and considerations in design as well as what is trending and available.

4. Liaison

Interior Designers not only develop a design and look for your space but are invaluable during the renovation/construction phase of your project, liaising with the contractor and trades to address any unexpected issues, resolve problems and communicating with you to keep you updated regarding any issues or concerns and answering your questions.

5. Budgeting and Planning

Interior Designers are very tapped into the industry and have a very thorough understanding of the pros and cons of various materials and finishes as well as their cost. They are also experienced project managers and can plan and sequence your project in partnership with the required trades. This knowledge and expertise is critical to your project as they keep the project within budget and manage the trades to minimize disruptions and impacts on your day to day life.

6. Sources

The relationships Interior Designers have with various suppliers and retailers is hugely beneficial as you can often realize designer discounts and have access to a range of products that aren’t typically directly available to the public.

7. Bring Your Vision to Life

We have all been down the rabbit hole of design and decor magazines and endless online sites that present overwhelming options in terms of design, style, layout, colour, finish, etc. While magazines and websites present possible ideas, Interior Designers will talk you off the ceiling and work with you to understand your personal style, project goals, timelines, local building regulations and budget and spatial constraints. (See #1)


Regardless of how small or large your next home update project is, consider the reasons above for hiring an Interior Designer to work with you to develop your vision and achieve it in a cost effective way. The result will not only be beautiful, but comfortable, livable, cohesive and functional as well.