Carved Additions to Interior Decor

Happy Wednesday my decorating divas and divos! I am writing this from the province of Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada where we have traveled to celebrate our daughter’s wedding. The weather is perfect and the salt air is rejuvenating and crisp. The location is a perfect backdrop for this month’s guest blogger, an artist from Cape Cod who came to carving from a very different first career. He is probably the guest so far with the greatest contrast between his previous career and the pursuit of his creative passion. Read on to learn more about Dave Turner and be sure to reach out to him via the social media apps listed at the end to learn more about his passion and to order one of his beautiful whales. Each beast is carved from one of a variety of woods and as it is carved, its distinct personality emerges.

Have you always been a wood carver?

I’ve been carving now for twenty or so years but only as my business for the past three.

If not, what did you work at previously?

Previous to this I was working for the government in Washington; I worked for nineteen years at the Pentagon so definitely not always a wood carver!

What attracted you to carving?

Being from New England and specifically Cape Cod, I was always attracted to whales as they have a long history here in the economy. Thankfully they are not a hunted species anymore.

Whale #2.jpg

How did you make the transition to carving?

There is no real transition from ballistic missiles and all that is involved in that profession to carving whales so it’s been a learning process as I’m self taught by trial and error in all things wood.

What are the biggest challenges of your carving biz?

The biggest challenge for me as a very small business person is anything that is not carving. The emails and questions and ordering boxes and shipping is all very foreign to me and I think always will be!

Whale #3.JPG

What gives you the greatest joy and pleasure in your carving biz?

Conversely the biggest source of joy in this business is hearing from happy customers that their whale has reached them and is hanging happily in their home. I get lots of pictures of my work from all over the world, wherever it ends up and to see those folks happy is just the greatest joy knowing my work has found a good home.

Whale #1.JPG

How/what do your whales contribute to interior decor?

As far as interior decor goes a whale is something that I think just needs the right person and house – it definitely lends itself to a nautical and beach kind of feel for a space!

Janet: my fav has to be the red whale you carved for the coffee house – he was stunning! Although I have to admit, every whale has a unique personality and I love watching them emerge from the wood you have selected for each one.

Whale #4.png

You can find Dave’s creations on his Facebook page at, on Instagram as thewoodenwhaleco and on his website at and if interested in one of his magnificent beasts, please contact him directly.