Decor Doesn't Take a Holiday

While summer technically goes on for another month, at least in the northern hemisphere, many view the end of August as the end of summer. I hope you have had a chance to get away, get some r & r, explore or visit family and friends. I have been very fortunate this summer to have escaped not once but twice to cottages. Nothing like a change of scenery and pace to make you truly appreciate down time and summer!

The cottages we rented were beautiful and well equipped which made our stays comfortable, with lots of seating areas perfect for a calm cuppa in the a.m. or a peaceful sip of something delish late in the afternoon. The serenity is addictive and it’s always so hard to leave these places!

I have to say though that decor doesn’t take a holiday ;) I just can’t be at a cottage without adding my own personal ‘touch’. These ‘touches’ are usually natural items found in the woods or along the shoreline of the cottage and are a perfect way to bring the outdoors in and ground the spaces.

Most cottages I’ve rented don’t have vases, decorative bowls or candle holders but this has never stopped me! It’s an opportunity to get creative and look at the possibilities in ordinary, every day items. Check out these options for your next vacation and if camping is more your style, these can work equally as well in a camper or the picnic table.

Wine glasses are perfect for floating flowers.

December 2016 366.jpg

Water glasses with tea lights are lovely as a centrepiece and bring a warm ambience as the sun sets.

Candle Shells Centrepiece.jpg

Beer mugs or small jugs are a casual and informal way to add a touch of greenery to the space.

Greenery in a Beer Glass.jpg

Small colourful stones or seashells decorate window ledges and remind us of the day’s explorations.

Stones & Shells on Window Ledge.jpg

I hope these ideas inspire you and be sure to check back next week for tips on transitional fall decor.