Easy Decor Updates for Spring

Hello and happy spring! Who hasn’t been enjoying this glorious sun and longer days?! All this extra light brings more energy and puts a smile on everyone’s face – have you noticed that when you’re out and about? I don’t know about you, but this change of seasons and increased energy make me want to make some changes from my transitional winter decor to a more spring-like look. With a few simple and easy changes to your rooms, you can have a fresh new look that will take you well into the next season and bring a fresh look to your spaces. Read on for some easy updates.


As the weather warms up we want to ‘shed’ all the layers we have added during the colder months. We want to feel lighter and bring a more relaxed approach to our lives in preparation for the long, hot days of summer. Decluttering tables, book shelves and fireplace mantels will lighten the look of your spaces and make it appear more calm.

Botanicals and Flowers

Adding some touches of greenery brings a fresh touch to your rooms and that splash of colour adds liveliness as well. Large palm leaves, feathery grasses and succulents provide a variety of textures and add depth and dimension. Don’t have a green thumb? Not to worry, the faux greenery available today is fantastic and very life like.

Botanicals and Candles.jpg

Another way one of my fav ways to update a space is with spring flowers. A simple bouquet of tulips. daffodils or lilies displayed in a vase, mason or jelly jar adds a touch of colour, texture and life to your rooms and the scent is a lovely bonus.


All of the warm, wool throws have been put away until next winter (yea!!) and replaced by light cotton blankets in white and pastel colours. Throw pillows in cotton and linen have now replaced the plush and faux fur ones I had placed around the house for the winter months.

Master Bedroom Art Work Blog Post.jpg

Musical Decor

When planning my spring updates, I ‘shop’ my home looking at the decor in each room. This spring I have moved the plant in the dining room to the top of the hutch in the living room. The large apothecary jar that was on the top of the hutch has found a new home on the fireplace mantel. The white pillar candle holders on the mantel have now been relocated to the top of the hutch and the small floral arrangement has come out of storage to be displayed in the dining room.

Other Ideas

Other simple, easy changes that will refresh a space include:

  • changing lampshades

  • adding new candles

  • rearranging furniture

  • modifying the arrangements on shelves

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