Easy Update With DIY Decor

This past weekend I did 2 virtual consultations! (Call me if this is something you’d like to explore.) Not sure if it was the weather or the time of year when we’ve been indoors A LOT and look around our homes and think, “Yep! It’s looking tired, time for an update.” Whatever the reason, they got me motivated and energized to make some small updates to my home too.

A while ago I purchased a set of white shadow boxes from Michaels to display some of my seashell collection (insert Ever Lovin’s eye roll here). I was going to hang them in the Master Bath which I finished updating last year but just hadn’t got around to completing the decor. So, I dug out the frames, selected star fish and sand dollars to display and got this project done.

Starfish & Empty Shadow Box.jpg

The shadow boxes did not have finished backs in them, so I selected a beautiful blue paper, cut it to fit and glued it on.

Paper Trimmer & Blue Paper.jpg

I then used Crazy Glue to attach the starfish and sand dollars to the paper. I did give this some time to set/dry before putting them in the shadow boxes to avoid any mishaps.

Blue Paper Starfish & Shadow Box.jpg

Once dried and secure I put the backs into the frames and voila! Quick and easy update for the Master Bath and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Shadow Boxes Completed.jpg

While my style is currently tending to be coastal, you could complete this easy DIY for any of the mementos or treasures you’d like to display – postcards, coins, ticket stubs, lace, sports jersey, etc.

Shadow Box on Cabinet Shelf.jpg

While shadow boxes can be and often are hung, they have a wide frame so can be placed on a shelf, dresser or table too. Once you’ve complete yours, be sure to share – I’d love to see your results and where and how you’ve displayed them.