Fall Decor in the Dining Room

Fall has finally arrived – yea! - and the cooler evenings and changing colours just beg for a transition of home decor from summer to fall. This week I updated the dining table with a new table runner and fall themed centrepiece. What I love about this centrepiece is that it’s small enough that it does not need to be removed when the table is being set for dinner and the colours work beautifully with my dishes and linens so I have a coordinated look with little time and effort. Read on for tips for creating a simple centrepiece for your dining table.

1. Select the Base & Display Items

I chose a round white platter – I love how the shape softens the space and keeps the look informal and homey. Trays are a great option too and I’ve included pics of a centrepiece I created using a rectangular serving tray. Next I selected the elements I wanted to include. I love gourds and pumpkins and of course candles. To round out my centrepiece and bring additional texture and colour, I selected stems and succulents in similar colours. When choosing what to include in your centrepiece, a good place to start with respect to colour is your dishes and linens. There are fall elements available in a wide range of colours – you are not limited to the traditional oranges, rusts and reds anymore! - so you will have no trouble finding elements that will work.

2. Foundation Elements

The first two elements I added were the pillar candle and a bowl which I inverted as the base for the candle. This was the ‘foundation’ for the centrepiece and I built the display around them. Equally lovely and interesting items that could be used for a candle base include a small pedestal plate, inverted tea cup or a small jelly jar filled with nuts or pebbles. Using items in unexpected ways provides an element of surprise and interest to decor and can be a source of inspiration and amusement as well. Since the tray is bigger I was able to include a candle stick as well.

I chose pumpkins (one faux, one glass) for my centrepiece and propped the teal coloured one against the side of the candle to give it a bit more height and more visual interest. The different shades of colour and materials provide depth and the glass brings a lightness and ‘negative space’ to the display, preventing it from appearing too heavy. Gourds in different shapes and sizes would be equally beautiful instead of the pumpkins.

Fall Platter Centrepiece Foundation Elements.jpg

3. Filling in the Display

Once the main elements were placed on the platter, I added in fall stems and succulents to fill the spaces and provide additional colour and texture. Fall stems are available at local decor and craft stores and come in a wide range of colours, lengths and as single stems or pre-made bundles. These sources also carry a wide variety and sizes of pumpkins and gourds in a range of colours.

Have fun and enjoy creating your own one of a kind centrepiece; play with the elements and their placement until you have a look that you are satisfied with. And bear in mind that a display such as this works equally as well on a coffee table or an entrance way table to bring a touch of fall to those areas of your home.

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