IDS 2016

The International Design Show (IDS) is Canada’s premier showcase of new products, innovative designers and avant-garde concepts from North America and beyond. But OMG! I was like a kid in a candy store – where to start?! I dutifully followed the floor guide and took the grid approach until I started following the ‘shiny bits’ and wandered to whatever caught my eye.

The spectrum and variety of companies present covered all aspects of home design and decor from flooring, window dressings, lighting, plumbing and furnishings to art and décor. Against a schedule of presentations by world renowned designers, the show was a Mecca of design spanning all styles and tastes.

But there were a number of companies that really stood out for me based on their company philosophy, their approach to design and décor and the flexibility of designs, products and services. The next few blog posts will profile these companies and I highly encourage you to check each of them out! I guarantee you will find something unique and stylish for your home, so stay tuned!

Inter Leather (

Inter Leather is a company providing premium upholstery leathers to manufacturers, designers and the A&D trade as well as the garment and bag industries. Targeting the mid to high end residential market as well as the marine, commercial, automotive and hospitality sectors, their collections provide an almost endless selection of styles and variety of colours in solids and embossed leathers, ensuring long lasting, durable and stylish pieces. Bill Corless and his partner (she likes to be in the background), produce three collections under the Inter Leather name.

The natural leathers collection covers the full range of leather from lighter to heavy weight, protected, cracked and stressed, semi-aniline and aniline. The range of available colours is impressive!

Natural leather

The embossed leathers are truly unique and the patterns and textures stunning. The range of patterns across the five collections as well as the selection of colours and availability of custom colours ensures there is something elegant and stylish for every décor style and taste.

Embossed leather

The eco-leathers are comprised of three collections all dyed through a natural process using an olive leaf extract as the tanning agent. A by-product from olive oil production, the olive leaves can decompose with the tanning agent removed. All are heavy weight leathers and range from soft and elegant to gently distressed.


But what really struck me about Inter Leather, as if the above isn’t enough, is their commitment to sustainability and reduction of their carbon footprint. Inter Leather will only work with tanneries around the globe that share their same commitment to sustainability and who meet or exceed legislated environmental requirements. This ensures:

·         No hazardous tanning agents are used in the process

·         All finishes are water based

·         All water is monitored and treated with a substantial proportion being reused through the tanneries

·         Any water not reused is discharged in compliance with European environmental requirements

·         All effluents of the tanning process are independently monitored to ensure a two tiered control on discharge.

 And Canadian to boot? I’m in!