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This week I am thrilled to introduce another guest blogger! As mentioned previously, I have come across a number of fascinating, unique and interesting artists, ‘creatives’ and designers in my work. These are folks who are pursuing their passions and sharing the results with a broader audience in a number of different ways. Their creations align with my aesthetic that design and decor need not be complicated or elaborate to be tasteful, comfortable and livable and that decor should include a touch of whimsy – something unexpected and perhaps humorous or even cheeky!

This month’s guest blogger is a unique company that not only produces furniture and decor that are works of art but that bring a whole new meaning to ‘upcycle and repurpose’. Mike and Carolynn at Craviations, use repurposed helicopter parts to create designs that “reflect your love of aviation and showcase your sense of adventure.”  (

Read on to learn more about this dynamic team of artists and aviators and the inspiration behind their story!

Have you always been an aviation artist?

Mike and I have always been of the philosophy “work with what you have” and what we have is helicopter parts, lots of helicopter parts. I grew up restoring furniture, and Mike grew up fixing helicopters, together we are masters of DIY. So, to answer the question, have we always been aviation artists? Individually no, but as a couple yes.

If not, what did you work at previously?

As I mentioned previously Mike has been fixing helicopters his whole life. I have been in the aviation industry for close to 20 years. We still operate a Transport Canada approved aircraft structural repair company, which we started 11 years ago.

What attracted you to aviation art?

Having the opportunity to see the insides of aircraft, the parts that most people don’t get to see. Seeing the beauty in the design and engineering of the structure of these parts has always been exciting.

Copyright Craviations 2018

Copyright Craviations 2018

How did you make the transition to aviation art?

When our first Granddaughter was born, Mike decided he wanted to build a bunk bed using a helicopter. I thought it was a neat idea but who has room for a helicopter in their house (except, I knew we had a room big enough).

Are there skills from your previous work life have you made use of in your aviation art biz?

Both Mike and I have the ability to look at a part and see the finished product. We have worked together for almost 20 years, and we work well together, which is probably the most valuable skill that we bring with us.

Mike’s years of repairing aircraft have allowed him to develop many valuable skills, that he also uses when designing aviation furniture.

As a self-proclaimed DIY master, and a real “work with what you have person” I have a few tricks up my sleeve that have come in handy.

Copyright Craviations 2018

Copyright Craviations 2018

What are the biggest challenges of your aviation art biz?

Getting people to want something that they don’t know exists.

What gives you the greatest joy and pleasure in your aviation art biz?

Seeing the finished product come together, the excitement in people’s faces when they realize what they are looking at. Sharing the history of the part with people, so they understand they aren’t just looking at a modern, industrial style desk, they are also looking at a piece of history.

Copyright Craviations 2018

Copyright Craviations 2018

How/what do your aviation creations contribute to interior decor?

If I was to describe our designs, I would say they have a modern, industrial feel while maintaining a providence that makes each design unique. They are statement pieces that tell a bit about the persons character, they are bold designs that showcase an adventurous side, while maintaining a practical function.

So to answer how they contribute to interior décor, I believe they showcase your personality.

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