Summer Refresh for Your Mantel

We have had some fantastic summer weather here and no one can complain about the lack of sun and heat! (okay, some will/do but seriously? this has been perfect summer weather!). If you’re like me, at this point in the season (any season) you get restless and tired of your decor and want to hit reset. This week I did just that! Read on for ideas and tips to updating your mantel decor. If you don’t have a mantel, these tips work equally well if you’re restyling a coffee table, entrance table or the top of a hutch or bookcase.


The first thing I did was remove all of the items that I had previously used to style the mantel for summer. I decided to use some of the items again but in a different position. (I also dusted which should be like a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience but sadly is like the shampoo bottle which says ‘repeat’.)

After chasing the dust bunnies away, I draped a succulent green swag across the surface curving it along the length. The curves soften the rectangular 'lines' of the mantel and mirror and created a couple of semi-circular spaces to place the foundation items in.

Foundation Items

The items I decided to use for the foundation were white ceramic candlesticks, a lantern and large glass candle vase which I relocated from the guest room; sometimes just moving an item from one room to another gives it a whole new look and makes a room feel updated! It also gives an opportunity to display items that have been 'hiding' in other rooms. I had used the lantern and candlesticks earlier but moving them around updated the display and brought a fresh perspective.

I placed the glass candle vase at one end (putting it in the centre is predictable and offsetting shapes adds more interest). The white candlesticks are 2 different heights but I raised the taller one to create more height variance. The white lantern which I purchased sometime ago at Pier 1 works well with both the white candlesticks and glass candle vase (also from Pier 1). Having items varied heights in your display creates movement and encourages the eye to move around it.

Summer Refresh Foundation Items.jpg

Decor Accents

I chose white pillar candles for the candlesticks keep the look clean – perfect for simple summer decor. The green palm leaves add another touch of fresh green to the look and draw the eye up from the succulent swag. I found a white candle in the white lantern was too predictable and uninspired but I found this gradient candle in soft blues/grays in my stash. It provides a touch of colour without too much contrast and the soft colours are perfect for summer decor while pulling the white and green together nicely.

Enjoy your week and stop by next week when I will be sharing simple decor ideas for your vacation spot to keep it cozy and comfortable while you rest and relax.