Summer Updates for Your Bedroom

Hello all and happy Friday! Summer is here and the glorious sun and heat sure change one’s perspective! Along with the arrival of summer comes the motivation to make updates to our homes. I’m not talking major renos, although I know some of you are doing that, but rather simple, easy updates that will make your home feel lighter and brighter just like the weather outside.

This week I’m talking about simple ideas to refresh your bedroom while keeping it comfortable and relaxed. Read on for inspiration!


Crisp white linens are always a boost and I highly recommend 100% cotton in the highest thread count your budget can afford. Breathable and cooler, cotton will not only lighten your room but help you get a restful sleep as well. And while we want to be cooler than the scorching temps outside, we still want our bedroom to be cozy. Instead of a heavy throw more suited to winter, switch it out for a light coloured, cotton one that will still be comfy but not too hot.


I don’t know about you but I don’t think we can ever have too many pillows (collective groan here from the significant others!). Nothing will update your bedroom quicker and easier. I’m loving these ones from Pier 1 Imports; they incorporate texture and richer fabrics which are very au courant!

Velvet and Cotton Pillows on a Bed.jpg

Decor Accessories

Displays of your fav things are perfect in every room and a simple change can re-energize and refresh your room. Try moving a display from another room into the bedroom for a very quick update and refresh of your spaces.


Natural Elements

As you may have guessed from my blog posts and pics that I love natural items and include them in every room and display. Natural items ground our decor and bring a relaxed vibe to a room. Seashells and rocks are two of my favs, especially in the summer but flowers and potted ivy or succulents add a touch of life too.

Greenery and Sea Shells.jpg

How are you refreshing your bedroom decor for the summer? Share your thoughts, ideas and pics – I love to see what you’re up to.

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