Furniture Versus Area Rugs – Where to Place Your Pieces

In last week’s blog post I shared tips for buying area rugs for the various spaces around your home and included some ideas for where to place the rugs relative to furniture in the bedroom and dining room. This week I want to share ideas for furniture placement versus area rugs in the living room. The same ideas and tips will work for area rugs in your family room as well.

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Tips for Choosing an Area Rug

I have found that there are some misconceptions about area rug size which often results in a less than comfortable, put together space. In fact, the biggest mistake I see with respect to size is buying an area rug that is too small for the room. This makes the space appear unbalanced and awkward, like the rug was an afterthought.

Read on for tips to help when choosing an area rug that will be perfect for your space.

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