Tips for Choosing an Area Rug

I have found that there are some misconceptions about area rug size which often results in a less than comfortable, put together space. In fact, the biggest mistake I see with respect to size is buying an area rug that is too small for the room. This makes the space appear unbalanced and awkward, like the rug was an afterthought.

Read on for tips to help when choosing an area rug that will be perfect for your space.

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5 Tips for Picking Colour

When you consider updates such as paint and décor, to our homes I know many of you are afraid of colour. Facing the wall of colour chips in your local home improvement or paint store is intimidating and can have your pulse raising, your eyes glazing over and your mind racing. How do you ever decide what is best for that room we’re making over?! Read on for tips that will boost your colour confidence!

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3 Decor Updates You Can Complete This Weekend

I know you are often looking for ways to update and refresh your spaces but feel decor updates will be expensive or you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a project. This week I am sharing 3 decor updates that you can complete this weekend – yes, you can finish 1 but all 3 are possible, trust me - without breaking the bank. Read on for tips and motivation.

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Metallic Finish DIY

You will no doubt have noticed the trend in metallic finishes with gold, silver, bronze and platinum leading the pack. But metallic finishes are now available in a whole range of other colours! Think metallic and pearlescent finishes in various shades of blue, yellow, red and green.

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Whimsical Decor for Every Style

I am so excited to share my July Guest Blogger post with you. As with so many of us, Kim Converse is a creative who has always pursued her artistic side but as a hobby. She is now able to do what she loves full time but her current creations are quite diverse from her original textile artistic productions.

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Paint Finish Cheat Sheet

I know a number of you plan to paint and it truly is a quick, economical and relatively easy way to update and refresh your homes.

I say relatively easy as a trip to the local home improvement store for paint can mean you are faced with A LOT of questions and decisions. The first involves the type of finish you want: matte, eggshell or semi-gloss? Next is the type of paint: alkyd, latex, oil? Read on for time saving tips.

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Interior Decor With Lift

This month’s guest blogger is a unique company that not only produces furniture and decor that are works of art but that bring a whole new meaning to ‘upcycle and repurpose’. Mike and Carolynn at Craviations, use repurposed helicopter parts to create designs that “reflect your love of aviation and showcase your sense of adventure.”  (

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5 Considerations For Choosing Paint Colour

When refreshing the décor in our homes a new paint colour is one of the easiest and most economical but can also be one of the most challenging and confusing decisions to make. To pull a look together the right tone, shade and hue can make all the difference. I know you are already overwhelmed but read on!

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Simply Cozy

Fall, with its cooler evenings and milder days, makes us start snuggling in. After the summer we’ve had (record breaking heat, severe drought), it was hard to imagine the autumn season would arrive. But here it is!

You may find yourself looking for a lap throw to snuggle under while reading in the morning or evening, creating a warm glow with candles, and transitioning to warmer, earthy colours in our décor accessories. Transitioning from a lighter, airy summer décor to a warmer, cozier fall style can be a simple and easy process that doesn’t take loads of time. Summer is a time of light and airy décor. In fall, the use of richer, warmer colours and textures dials up the cozy and makes our homes relaxed and comfortable and mixing contrasting patterns and textures adds even more depth and comfort.

The following ideas can be adapted to many décor styles and create rooms you may never want to leave!

Throws – drape one over the arm of your sofa or favourite chair. Available in a wide range of colours, throws can also be found in many materials such as chenille, wool or mohair and are also available in strips, plaids and solids.

Pillows – no husband that I know likes throw cushions but what a simple and easy way to change the look of any room! There are some really fun cushions out there in a wide variety of colours, patterns, textures (faux fur is back :) and appliqués.

Candles – one of my fav décor elements! In fall I love the deep amber and orange as well as cream colours available and many stores now carry unscented candles in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

Natural Elements – leaves, fruit, pinecones and nuts and grapevine can all be beautifully incorporated into fall décor and many of these items can easily transition from fall to winter and Christmas décor (yes, I said it!). They are plentiful at the grocery store, the farmers market or in your own backyard.

Area rugs – adding an area rug or two to the side of the bed, in front of a sofa (layering an area rug over wall-to-wall creates depth and texture) kitchen or entranceway can enhance the coziness and add a splash of warm colour to your home.

Enjoy updating your home for fall and be sure to cozy up with a cuppa when you are finished so you can admire and enjoy your changes. Wishing all of you a blessed Thanksgiving and remember to be grateful and give thanks for the simple pleasures and treasures in your life.

Decorate Anywhere Anytime

Ah, September! For many, me included, this is the ‘real’ New Year! Somehow the beginning of school whether we have children going back or not, makes us want to get organized, start new or resume established routines, improve our eating habits, start new exercise regimes and prepare for fall. I am just back from an amazing couple of weeks in Nova Scotia where reading, rest and relaxation were the orders of every day.

We rented a charming cottage at Halls Harbour in the Annapolis Valley ( that provided beautiful views of the Bay of Fundy. I was in my element beach combing every day, sitting and watching stunning sunsets, watching the tide rush in and out and just listening to the sounds of the ocean. But my ever lovin’ will tell you (to his amusement) that even on vacation I have to decorate my surroundings!

So, how did I decorate our space? Natural elements were plentiful and easily available. And of course, my love for anything coastal just made it that much easier and enjoyable! The wild roses in wine glasses set along the window ledge provided a beautiful splash of colour and heavenly scent throughout the cottage.

Of course, the many beautiful stones and shells made for simple and delightful vignettes on both the kitchen window ledge and the porch railing.

And candles, one of favourite décor items, are always with me and cast a lovely warm glow and ambiance for dining, reading or playing board games.

However, all too soon going to sleep and waking to the sounds of the ocean is over and reality has set in. Now that we’re home, my thoughts are turning to fall (my favourite season!) and preparing for the cooler weather ahead. I so look forward to the changing seasons and the changing décor that goes along with it. Stay tuned for fall décor ideas and simple, stylish and elegant updates.