Tips for Choosing an Area Rug

I have found that there are some misconceptions about area rug size which often results in a less than comfortable, put together space. In fact, the biggest mistake I see with respect to size is buying an area rug that is too small for the room. This makes the space appear unbalanced and awkward, like the rug was an afterthought.

Read on for tips to help when choosing an area rug that will be perfect for your space.

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5 Tips for Picking Colour

When you consider updates such as paint and décor, to our homes I know many of you are afraid of colour. Facing the wall of colour chips in your local home improvement or paint store is intimidating and can have your pulse raising, your eyes glazing over and your mind racing. How do you ever decide what is best for that room we’re making over?! Read on for tips that will boost your colour confidence!

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3 Decor Updates You Can Complete This Weekend

I know you are often looking for ways to update and refresh your spaces but feel decor updates will be expensive or you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a project. This week I am sharing 3 decor updates that you can complete this weekend – yes, you can finish 1 but all 3 are possible, trust me - without breaking the bank. Read on for tips and motivation.

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