Easy Decor Updates for Spring

Hello and happy spring! Who hasn’t been enjoying this glorious sun and longer days?! All this extra light brings more energy and puts a smile on everyone’s face – have you noticed that when you’re out and about? I don’t know about you, but this change of seasons and increased energy make me want to make some changes from my transitional winter decor to a more spring-like look. Read on for some easy updates.

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Paint Finish Cheat Sheet

I know a number of you plan to paint and it truly is a quick, economical and relatively easy way to update and refresh your homes.

I say relatively easy as a trip to the local home improvement store for paint can mean you are faced with A LOT of questions and decisions. The first involves the type of finish you want: matte, eggshell or semi-gloss? Next is the type of paint: alkyd, latex, oil? Read on for time saving tips.

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Decor Updates for Spring

I love this time of year when we transition to spring decor. With a few simple and easy changes to your rooms, you can have a fresh new look that will take you well into the next season. Read on for some ideas and tips for updating and refreshing your rooms.

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