The following services are the most commonly requested. However, many situations are unique and may not be fully satisfied by the services as described here. Call me to discuss your needs so I can develop a customized package that works best for you.

Design Services (contact for pricing)

Design services include: design (floor plans, space planning); recommended finishes, colours and flooring; project oversight and coordination; and, accessorizing.

Colour Consultation ($150)

You know what colours you prefer, but how do you choose that perfect tone, tint or hue to make your rooms reflect your personal style? Choosing colours can be an overwhelming and daunting task with so many options from which to choose. Janet’s passion for and knowledge of colour will help guide you when choosing the perfect palette to ensure the colours are suitable with the light in the room you are decorating, provide the ambiance you desire for your space, and work with the furnishings and accessories you have or are planning to acquire.

Following the initial consultation, clients will receive a proposed colour palette including  a recommended product, paint finish, and source information.

Room Refresh and Seasonal Decor ($150)*

Often we get tired of the overall look of a room and want a fresh, rejuvenated look. While this can happen any time, it is often during the changing of the seasons or when holidays are approaching. Janet’s knowledge and experience with room layout, updating and accessorizing, as well as seasonal and holiday décor will help you revive the style of your rooms and set the stage for your celebrations.

Following the initial consultation, clients will receive a summary of recommended changes, a colour palette if desired, identification of additional items, as required, and costing schedule. Janet will also share tips and tricks to avoid over-spending on accessories and to ensure they are timeless and multi-purpose.



*Janet is available to carry out the work at a rate of $50/hour.