DIY Ensuite Makeover

I’m in love with white cabinetry, and have been for a number of years in spite of my ever lovin’ suggesting I would tire of it! Our current abode has lots of cabinets and the storage space is awesome. However, the cabinets throughout the house are clear oak (a bit dated for my taste!).

I recently updated the master bedroom and ensuite. The ensuite is perfectly fine in terms of layout and functionality but the cabinetry? Had to change! The large mirror was fantastic for day to day tasks but was a stock mirror and too large for the space. As a result the whole space felt off balance.

Being the thrifty, handy sort I looked at ways to update the space without breaking the bank. My research led me to the line of Rust-oleumTM products. I was pleasantly surprised to find out Rust-oleumTM isn’t just for spray painting rusty lawn chairs (ok, just dated myself!). There are a whole line of products to update and rejuvenate items around the home.

I purchased the Rust-oleumTM Cabinet Transformations kit at Lowe’s which transforms cabinets without stripping, sanding or priming. The kits will cover 100 sq ft and include everything required except paint brushes, lint-free rags, disposable gloves, painters tape and drop cloth (items a lot of us would have around the house).

After removing the doors, drawers and hardware, I deglossed the surfaces and wiped them clean. Once dry, the bond coat was applied. The bond coat is the colour you want the cabinets to be (I chose white) but it can be tinted a number of colours. I applied three bond coats and once dry, I applied the protective top coat. There is an optional decorative glaze but I applied it to one cabinet door and really didn’t like the look – I wanted a pure white, not an antiqued or aged looking result.

I am thrilled with the final result! The kit is enough to do two bathroom cabinets so the cost of the ensuite cabinet transformation is approximately $75.00 – excellent deal and way less mess and cost of having a new vanity installed.

For the vanity mirror, I looked for one that would better fit the space and be more balanced with the width of the vanity. I wasn’t able to find one that was exactly what I wanted at a price that I thought was reasonable.

Again I hit the information highway and found Fort Glass ( Not only did they trim the mirror to the required size but they rebevelled the edge after trimming it. And the price? Less than $30 including tax – awesome!

I am thrilled with the final result and of course the savings (who doesn’t like a bargain?!). I think a white frame around the mirror would be a lovely touch but that’s a project for another day!