Pillows for Christmas Decor

As we head into the Christmas season – the busiest time of the year and also the biggest decorating time – there are many of us who choose not to do a lot of decorating in our spaces:

  • we’ve downsized & don’t have a lot of room

  • we’ll be away for Christmas

  • we’re not into the Christmas spirit in a big way

But there are ways to add a touch of Christmas and celebration to our homes without a big fuss or big investment of time. One of these is the use of pillows. Now, no husband I know has ever said “we need more pillows”! But I’m here to tell you pillows are a simple and easy way in which to enhance your festive decor (and yes, you can quote me ;) It doesn’t require a huge investment of time or money either.

One of the first decor items I bring out are pillows. I have a foundation pillow collection that pretty much remains in place at all times. It consists of creamy white velvet pillows in the living room and blue velvet in the bedroom. Throughout the year and depending on the season or occasion these are combined with other pillows such as coastal motif pillows or Thanksgiving themed pillows.

Once Christmas arrives, these themed and motif pillows are stored away, the white and navy velvet remain and Christmas pillows are added. This year I have selected a white velveteen pillow with silver jewels in a snowflake pattern as well as burlap pillows covered in jewelled snowflakes. I particularly love these pillows because they aren’t Christmas specific and will be nice transitional pieces after the holidays are over.

Living Room Christmas Pillows.jpg

The texture of these pillows keeps the look from being too flat, the colours work well with the sofa and the neutral silver and white colour theme I have picked this year and the jewels add sparkle and glitz making the look feel more festive!

In the bedroom, I’ve included the same burlap pillows with multiple jewelled snowflakes – they work well with the coastal theme and the neutral colour is a rich and striking contrast with the navy pillows while the jewelled snowflakes work well with the few silver Christmas accessories and decorations I have placed in the room.

Master Bedroom - Christmas.jpg

This is just the start of my Christmas decor and I can’t wait to get decorating other areas of my home. Stay tuned for more updates and ideas for your own Christmas decor.