Simple Updates

Home décor magazines and the home décor shows flooding TV these days focus on total room or house updates and renos. Face it; they have ratings to be mindful of, right?! However, the rest of us mere mortals don’t have unlimited funds, a huge team of professionals and trades behind us or even access to the products and materials used. But, we all want our homes to be fresh, up-to-date and stylish. So how do we accomplish this with limited resources and means?

My belief is we have most of what we need. I don’t know anyone who sets out to by unattractive furnishings and décor that don’t fit in their home. But sometimes we need a simple update or refresh. This can be accomplished in so many ways. I recently did a consult with a client who wants to repaint their living room and hallway and re-do a bathroom. However, as we chatted she asked me to look at the master bedroom; she still liked the paint and colour scheme but felt the room was lacking the ‘wow’ factor.

Master bedroom pattern

While the ambiance of the room is relaxing and serene, it felt tired and humdrum. What could she do?

The picture on the wall has beautiful deep burgundy roses in it that just didn’t stand out. The handmade quilt had the same gorgeous colour in some of the fabrics. So this was the inspiration for a punch of colour. We bought a cream coloured comforter, filled out the head of the bed with king sized pillows in shams that match the comforter, added throw pillows in deep burgundy and replaced the white hydrangeas with burgundy ones. Left to do are new white lampshades to brighten the corners and update the existing, outdated shades, add some greenery to the pitcher of hydrangeas and replace the square cream pillow with a neck roll.

Cream pillow with a neck roll

The transformation is already looking awesome, don’t you think?! The room is still serene and relaxing but has that little extra something! And the picture above the bed really stands out now too!

What simple updates can you do that will freshen your home and make it swank?