Summer in the Dining Room

If you are like me, you are more than ready for the long hot lazy days of summer – days spent lazing on the porch with a cold beverage, enjoying barbecues with family and friends, heading off to the beach at each and every opportunity, or playing in the garden. While we are anxious to spend as much time as possible outdoors we still want the inside of our homes to look stylish but desire decor that is simple and easy to maintain. For the next few blog posts, I am going to share some suggestions for simple updates you can make to ensure easy, low-maintenance interior decor to keep you outside as much as possible.

When the sunny, hot days are upon us, we want to incorporate lighter colours, lighten the mood throughout our homes, and banish the darker colours and materials we associate with winter. This week, I focus on the dining area of the home.

  • Centrepiece

    • tray, large plate (flat or pedestal) or bowl as the base

    • add natural elements such as a stones or seashells

    • incorporate white or pastel coloured candles

    • use botanicals - faux flowers or succulents look shabby chic paired with natural elements!

    • add clear glass candle holders or jars (Mason jars are such an easy addition and add a casual vibe to the space)

  • Table runner in a natural fibre such as burlap or jute

  • Plate mats and napkins in cotton or linen (have some fun and let your whimsical side show!)

    • striped place mats with polka dot and/or flowered napkins

    • use multiple colours that say summer to you - crisp white and navy, pale blue, sea green and soft yellow, navy, white and coral

    • napkin rings that complement the chosen look/style

Create a signature look and have fun pulling it together! And remember all of this can be moved al fresco for an even more casual summer dining experience.