Decor Updates for Spring

Hello and happy spring although there’s some debate here as we await one of the worst storms we’ve had all winter! It has been a while – life (good challenges) and health (not so good challenges) have kept me from writing for you but I’m back!

I love this time of year when we transition to spring decor. With a few simple and easy changes to your rooms, you can have a fresh new look that will take you well into the next season. Read on for some ideas and tips for updating and refreshing your rooms.

Remember less is more, especially in the warmer weather when we want to feel lighter and have a more relaxed approach to our lives. Decluttering tables, book shelves and fireplace mantels will lighten the look of your spaces and using glass or lighter coloured decor accessories will open up your space, making it appear lighter and more spacious. Using white or ivory coloured candles will bring a more relaxed vibe to your spaces while still allowing for the glow of candle light in the evenings.


One of my fav ways to bring a fresh perspective to my rooms is with spring flowers. A simple bouquet displayed in a vase, mason or jelly jar adds a touch of colour, texture and life to our rooms. So many varieties and colours to choose from!

Like flowers, new greenery is cheery and bright and gives us the hope of longer, warmer days ahead. I love the succulents available to us now and the range of shapes and sizes means there’s something available for every spot in your home.

Tropical plants are excellent too with sooooo many to choose from – colour, size, shape – these provide an instant update. Check out these plant ideas


Another of my best-loved ways for updating decor is changing out pillows and throws. (One can never have too many pillows regardless of what your other half says!) In the cooler weather we want throws and pillows made with heavier weight fabrics and rich, dark colours. As the weather warms up, freshen up by using lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk and softer, lighter colours as well. Instant lift!


Changing the lamp shades is another inexpensive but simple way to refresh your space. A lighter colour and perhaps even different texture goes a long way to making your spaces feel energized and new.

What do you have planned to update and refresh the decor in your rooms? Be sure to share the pics – I love to see what you’ve been working on.